Wondershare Filmora Video Editor Review

Well, for these couple months I have been stuck with video editor app because this kind of thing is actually pretty fun to do. I really love adding some great effects to my short movie that I take on my computer. I need to say that now I am really into on making short movie on my daily break. My job is very rough and I really have to find something to relieve of my stress. This where I found that making movie is a great thing since I could catch every great moment on my life and share it with everyone around the world, first I just save the movie only for myself, but after seeing so many great suggestions for my friends, then I decided to share it with everyone.  The only problem now, I could not share my movie in raw condition because it would be bad and there are some unwanted things that I don’t want to keep. This is where my problem is solved by using a video editing app. I have decided my choice on Wondershare Filmora Video Editor because of some reasons.  It has many great features and easy to use. That is why I am going to show my short review about it.


This is probably one of the best apps that you can depend for video editing. The video editor features are so great and really easy to use. I browsed some recommendations for the tool and found that most of people recommended this one. I tried to buy the license and surprise that the app is so useful and the clean interface does not make any confuse when I am using. It is also fully compatible with Windows 10, so don’t be worry if just upgrade of your system because everything is working perfectly.  One thing that I love here is the interface, the interface itself looks very simple, but it looks so modern and sleek.  There is no way to miss the entire feature because each of them is easy to reach.


This is where the app stand differently in most of apps that we could find. The feature is so well complete and you could find everything that you want in order to make your video or movie looks beautifully.  I would not list all of them because there are too many of it, but I would show you some important features that make your work on editing is easier. The first feature is the music library. If you stuck with any choice for music for your videos, this app is ready to solve of your problems, the music library is not that much, but it is good enough because the choices are varied. There are some different music choices that could add to your videos and it’s free from any copyright.  The second is the visual effect.  Don’t make of the video looks boring because we can add some great effect on it. There are more than hundred choices here that make your video looks extra ordinary and look different to other.  The last important feature that is great to try is the auto enhancing.  You probably are afraid that you are making a great shot, but here you could feel relieve because the app is supported by enhance feature that let the app scanning any  bad image and then transform into something that looks really great. I have tested this one and the result is not that bad.  It is not always work, but its greatly reduce many things that feels unwanted in our shot.


First I thought that the application is not free because it is really great, but I actually really wrong because it’s totally free without any limitation. You just have to go to their website and then install it.   The size is not that big and the installing process is also fast.   The links are ready to be downloaded for windows user or Mac user, so do not make any wrong choice because two of them are totally different.


That is all of my thought about the software and you have really to try it to see how great it is.  There are many other great choices, but sometimes there are so many of them are coming with limited feature and you need to buy the premium version in order to unlock everything, But here, everything is totally free from the start and there is no limitation in doing anything as you want.  I could finally say that this one might be the best choice that we could find now. Well, it’s just my opinion, but yours might be totally different.  At last, thank you for enjoying of my short review and I hope it would also be useful for you.


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