The Top 3 Free Best Editing Video For Windows

You probably want to edit your video greatly and then you can show it your friends or you can even upload it to YouTube for making money. Everything is becoming possible if we have a great video to show.  Remember that you cannot show or upload your video directly because there are lot things that need to edit including the mistake that you made, unnecessary thing or even get rid some parts that you think is shameful to show. There many great choices for editing apps, but not all of them would suit to your need. That is why I show you some great video editing apps that you could download free on Windows.


My first list would be really fit for Shotcut because it offers some great features and its completely open source. Means that all of people can support this app by adding more features and fixing some bugs without needed any update from the developer itself. The interface is not too friendly, but you will get used in short time. Here you only need to load of your video and you are able to start editing your videos based on your needs.  You are able to download the latest version from their website and the size is not too big.


You must be really familiar with this app since the app itself is already available from 2001. Its available not only for Windows But Also For Linux, And Mac OS X. You could transfer your file directly between those platforms since the file type is same. I really suggest this one if you are new to editing video because the feature is not well complete. There are lots better apps if you need more advanced features.


Keep in mind that the app is better for any professional usage since the interface and the feature itself are more advanced. You will not be able to master all of features in couple days, so this one is really good for professional editing. The app is available in the two versions. The first one is free and the second one is pro version.  The free version is more than enough, but you could go with pro version for better features.Those are my recommended apps for editing video on the windows. Choose one of them based on your needs and your usage. I did not put any premium apps because not everyone wants to afford it. It’s good if you love this article and please leave any comment if you like it.

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