The Best TV Series That You Need To Watch

Watching a good TV series could be a good way to kill of your boredom. We as a family really love to spend of our free time on watching TV during the break.  Sadly, there is no good thing to watch, so we always end up on buying or renting some of movie series.  I have get used to watch many kinds of genres, so I already have many recommendations for it. If you run out of recommendations for series to watch, then you could pick any my recommendation that might interest you to see.


You must be pretty familiar with Superman.  Here, you are not going to see the live of Superman, but you are going to see how he struggle on his teenagers. The series are already running out from 2001 to 2011 so you are going to spend much of your time on watching the entire of them. I would recommend it to you if you love some series which is related to super heroes and romance.  I already finish watching the series and it is one of my favorites for all of the time.

The Walking Dead

Who does not like a zombie theme action series? We love this kind of series because the story could be pretty interesting to see.   We can see the story development starting to get crazy and crazy each time we see it.  This makes people so enjoying it because we do not know if the main character would be saved or not on the next episode.  The series is still airing right now, so it is still the right time to jump in with your friends. Just be careful not to watch it alone because it can be pretty scary sometimes.


Another great series from Warner Bros. The series tells about the story between two brothers who are searching for the answer for their parents died. This one of the series who is still running until now, it has been aired from 2005 and still running from now.  You could start watching it and you would notice how scary and crazy the story can be.  One my favorite’s episode is when they are running a crazy clown on the small town.   For me that is so interesting to see because most of people have image that clown is really scary.  You should watch it if you have the time.


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