My Experience In Making Short Movie


When I finished my undergraduate, I am actually pretty movie since we could finish our short movie project at the right time. We have been prepared all of the stuff for a month and then we take a picture and we are so happy because everything is working as we plant. First I thought that making a movie is pretty easy since I only need to get some actors, making a script and get the right moment for it. But, behind all of those things, actually there are more of them that we also have to think about it. first, we have troubled in choosing the right actor because we found some them are not good enough as the main lead, and then we also have trouble on making a good script and everything what we learn so far is such a huge waste because it doesn’t help us even a little. Now I really know how it’s really hard to do it practically in the real world and not just an explanation or a short theory. Then, we asked of some our teachers’ recommendation and they are giving us many great tips and finally every problem is solved, thanks for their recommendation.

Then the movie aspect is pretty clear and now we have to think about the gear aspect. I have to say that we don’t have much right choice on gear and we decided to lean it from my friends. I tried to look many of them on internet and I am surprised because everything is so expensive and it would cost around 2000 dollars. Well, we did not have that much even if we are trying to work hard for three months, it would still not enough. Luckily we got some good guys who want to help us and now it’s time for taking a camera.  At the end, we finally able to make it on right schedule and we show it to our teacher and they said that it was great.  I am so happy because it is going to be our final project. Now if there is someone wants to ask me for making a movie, then I need to think it twice because all of stuff making me worried. That is my story and it’s pretty much interesting to show you and that is why I decided to write it on my blog.

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