Beginner Guide To Be A Good Smoker

One of my favorite’s things that I always do on the weekend is smoking. I just really love the aroma from the wood chips that I put together with my food.  There is no other better aroma than a smoke beef on the week end.  I have tried so many times not to try to be obsessive with it, but it still keeps coming again and again. I could not forget about that such of aroma flavors.  I end up doing it almost every week when I have a free time.  Doing smoke is not that hard that many people talk about. You do not have to be a very professional or becoming a guru to make such a flavor smoke beef.  It might need some short of knowledge to know, but like I said, you do need to be skilled to do it. Some little practice would be enough to start it and in the short time I am so sure that you are going to be the expert.  Grab your tools right now and I am going to show you some tips that might help you to be a good smoker in short time.

Do It Slowly

Doing BBQ is something that we have to do slowly and enjoy.  Patient is the key to make everything better.  The process might take a while, but the result would be that great and you are going to be very satisfied with it.  There are many things that you could still do while waiting for it. Reading some books or listen to some music would help you on killing the bored. Just do not get yourself it and always keep watch your beef.

Get The Best Wood.

The best thing that you should add here are some chunks, but if you are not able to find it around, then I am sure some good chips would be enough to make the taste better. Remember, this is how you are getting the right and best taste to your ribs, so make sure to add some to give great aroma for it.  What kind of wood type that I should add? Well, it would be tough then, but my recommendation would always to be some oak, apple, or cherry.  All of them are giving some sweet taste that I really love so far. Never ever put some mesquite because it tastes really bad when I tried it a month ago.  Just do some improvement that suit to your taste.

Get The Best Ribs

This one is going to be the thing that you are going to eat, so make sure to pick the best and the right one that you are able to find. I do not have any recommendation here, but do not get tricky by some owners that said it is best for some reasons. Just get some recommendations from your friends if you do have any experience on it. They will know the best one that you need to pick.

Rubbing Is Important

Yeah, it is all about rub and rub here. I always recommend using black pepper and even salt If you want for this case.  Just do not let it too salty all right. I ever try to brine it on my Landmann smoker and the taste is very salty at the end.   Just do it carefully when you want to do it. 

Prepare The Coal

The most important thing here is getting the right constant temperature for your meats.  I always use charcoal or briquettes as the main source since its better than using lighter fluid which result the fire is really great.  I messed it up at the first time and I would never to use it again.

Never Touch The Meat

Many people suggest me to use some tools to touch the meats. They said that it would moisten the meat, but after I was looking it on the internet, it is actually just a joke. Yeah, that is actually does not make any difference.   You just have to keep the lid and manage it at your temperature. That is the only way to get the best result and not by just touching it.

Final Thought

I hope all of those things would be helpful to you. One last not from me, do not serve the meat on dry condition. When, the meats are done, just get some of your sauce and put it as much as you like. Then, cut them on the plate and it will be ready.  It takes almost 4 hours to serve it, but just see the result. You are going to be satisfied with the end result since the taste is great and not easy to forget.  That is all I could say, please leave any comment if you want.

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