Lenovo Ideacentre Y900 Gaming Desktop Review


Thats not always a bad thing (if you don't happen to be a PC manufacturing company, of course). The truth is that virtually any Windows machine sold in the last five years can manage browsing the internet checking e-mail, and even streaming high resolution video. Determined by the hardware, it might even have the ability to address some recent games too. There are not many times when spending a thousand dollars or more on a brand new notebook or desktop computer is needed. But that doesnt mean your PC cant be enhanced. Updating several components is nearly always more economical than purchasing a brand new one, and its much less complicated as you believe. Heres a quick guide to the finest means to enhance an older machine. Despite a move to notebooks over the last decade, desktop PCs stay strong options for anyone who needs a low-cost computer, or one that can be updated easily. Most desktop computer upgrades focus on parts that attach the motherboard, cpu excluded. If you think about a computer like an automobile, then contemplate the following the motherboard is like the framework, and the central processing unit is like the engine. If either has become insufficient, thats a great signal a fresh machine, as opposed to an upgrade, is justified. But there are alternatives for fast and affordable upgrades. RAM (memory) is classically the greatest method to enhance a slow machine, and it stays important. If youre not convinced, check your guide, or simply have a look whats already on your own computer. Remember that if you've got open DIMM slots, you can just add more RAM rather than replacing it if you've 4GB in one DIMM at the second, another 4GB DIMM will give you double the RAM for under $30! For an indepth guide to matching and installing pump,

Todays flash storage is many times quicker than older hard drives, and while its more expensive per gigabyte, the costs are falling fast and the advantages for bootup speed and general responsiveness are tremendous. The Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900 shows that entry level does not have to mean cheap. A perfect option for first-time PC gamers, the Y900 $899 starting; $1,599 as reviewed packages the power required to play the latest games, all within a sleek design that is simple to update with new components over time. It even includes peripherals you will need to use. But while the Y900 is the best gaming desktop computer, you can get even more gaming good for less cash if you search elsewhere. The panel is plastic, though, which feels somewhat chintzy. The Y900 sports three USB 3.0 interfaces, a 7-in-1 card reader, and headphone and mic jacks right on its front panel, making it simple to plug in your equipment and get right to gaming. Only underneath, there is a flap that flips open to show the PC's DVD-RAM reader/writer drive. You will find an additional four USB 3.0 interfaces in the rear, as well as two USB ports, an Ethernet interface, a PS/2 interface for old mice and keyboards (really), and your typical package of sound input signals.

The Y900 is painlessly simple to update, giving even the most technophobic gamers an opportunity to keep their machine present through time. The PC's side panel pops right away once you throw a lock switch and hit a button on the top of the machine, letting you get access to the parts readily without busting out a toolkit. The computers hot swap hard drive bays can be opened with a fast push, though you will want a screwdriver once it is time to shift graphics cards. If, for some reason, you decide to take a rest from playing games, the Y900 is absolutely cable at juggling whichever mix of tasks you throw at it. This is big because the desktop computer comes bundled with a full on mechanical computer keyboard, as opposed to the shoddy membrane models I am used to receiving. The computer keyboard is replete with additional attributes, including a nicely textured spacebar, a row of committed media control keys and a key for disabling the Windows button at the center of a heated match. It's possible for you to correct the red backlighting for either the whole computer keyboard or simply the WASD/arrow keys, providing you with the choice to emphasize only the keys you use in-game. Most notably, the computer keyboard allows you to program up to three sets of macros, which is perfect for quickly performing complex strike blends in MMOs, among other music genres. I tested the feature with Street Fighter V and managed to map individual pictures to just one keystroke within seconds.

Lenovo's Y Gaming Precision Mouse isn't a slouch, either, sporting a big, ergonomic design with a free thumbnail rest. The accessory packages two additional pointer buttons together with two thumb buttons, which were as useful for reloading and melee attacking in Increasing of the Tomb Raider as they were for altering volume once I saw videos. The Y900 begins at $899, which gets you a 6th-gen Intel Core i7-6700K cpu, 4GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD, and integrated images. It looks odd for Lenovo to offer a version of its gaming desktop computer with no distinct GPU, though it may be aimed at those interested in getting an regular PC first and update to a graphics card after. Those looking for more electricity can take a look at the $2,499 version, which features a beefier GTX 980 graphics card and 32GB of RAM.

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